Działalność nasza nie będzie tylko papierowa, dydaktyczna lub agitacyjna.
Staraniem naszym będzie, aby wszystko to, co powiemy lub napiszemy,
przemieniało się w czyn. Tylko też z tego punktu widzenia
podejmować się będziemy zadań, które uważać będziemy za ważne.
Wnoszenie sporów partyjno-politycznych do prac Towarzystwa jest wzbronionym
(§5 statutu Towarzystwa Ekonomicznego w Krakowie, uchwalonego 1 marca 1921 r.)

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Thursdays at the Economists
Seminar of the Polish Economic Association and the Club of Business Journalists held at the Association of Polish Journalists. The organisers invite economists, journalists, lawyers, politicians, representatives of the government and other opinion-forming groups. The purpose of the Seminars is to:
  1. Shape public opinion and formulate recommendations that might help state, government and civil institutions.
  2. Stimulate public discussion on social and economic issues.
  3. Expose myths and populist political programmes contrary to all logic, economics and the law.
  4. Sustain the process of reform and the construction of social support for the country's development.

The Seminars take the form of moderated discussions that will be preceded by an introductory paper and theses to be discussed. The organisers make every Seminar accessible via the Internet to all branches of the Polish Economic Society and the Association of Polish Journalists, universities, and other centres of economic studies  press, radio, television, scientists, entrepreneurs, students, etc.

The Bulletin of PTE
The Bulletin of PTE is a periodical of the National Board of the Polish Economic Society, for people of various interests, but common motivation connected with activities for the social and economic development.
The issues of theory and practice of managing and mechanisms of the functioning and developing of the economy are presented in this periodical. Reflection, expert opinions and opinions connected with efficient managing in the country and in the world interweave here with reflection on activities for public benefits,
professional development of economists and the widely understood development of enterprise. The Bulletin is distributed through the network of regional branches of PTE to partners, sponsors and school environments organizing the Economic Knowledge Contest. It reaches several thousand readers, including first of all people of PTE and environments they function in.

The Economic Knowledge Contest
The Economic Knowledge Contest has been organized by the Polish Economic Society since 1987. It is the task commissioned by the Ministry of National Education. The Main Committee of The Economic Knowledge Contest, chaired by Prof. Stanisław Owsiak, is responsible for the programme and the concept of the Contest. Each edition of the Contest is subordinated to the central thought. The aim of the Contest is the economic education of young people, consolidating the knowledge about contemporary economy and the supporting of the development of particularly gifted pupils. The format of the Contest is aimed at both checking acquired economic knowledge and creating favourable conditions for the development of independent thinking. The Contest is directed to pupils of upper secondary schools. 230 thousand pupils have taken part in the past twenty one editions of the Contest while the total 14.5 thousand pupils from 819 upper secondary schools entered only for the 21st Economic Knowledge Contest. The Economic Knowledge Contest belongs to one of the most popular in terms of the number of entrants. Prizewinners and finalists of the Economic Knowledge Contest have become managers, academics and specialists in different fields of economic practice.

The Forum of Strategic Thought

The Polish Economic Society – as part of the cooperation initiated by Professor Zdzisław Sadowski between PTE and the Polish Association for the Club of Rome – will participate in an undertaking entitled The Forum of Strategic Thought, initiated by Professor Antoni Kukliński. The aim of the Forum is among others to draw up and carry out the programme of research, conferences and the publication of the Memorandum by Professor Kukliński in this matter and texts of the first studies are placed on the Internet.

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