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The 8th Congress of Polish Economists. Poland in the world economy – opportunities and threats

29-30 November 2007 Warsaw
The Palace of Culture and Science

The idea, aims, the structure

Congresses of Polish economists, held every few years, have been always treated as unusually important events, concerning fundamental problems of the Polish economy and economics. Traditions of congresses date back to 1887 when the Polish economists and lawyers from the three partitioned territories organised the First Convention of Economists and Lawyers in Cracow. It had the character of a congress in which about 200 persons took part and they prepared papers, among others Witold Skarżyński - "On the necessity and possibility of the root and branch reform of land credit" and Antoni Donimirski - "On the internal colonization".

After the 2nd World War subsequent conventions and congresses were held in the periods important for the country. The all-Poland Convention of Polish Economists and at the same time the Congress took place between 8-10 December 1950 and was preparation for the Congress of Polish Sciences in 1951. The 2nd Convention integrated with the Congress of Polish Economists took place on 7-9 June 1956 in Warsaw. The next 3rd Convention and the Congress of Polish Economists debated on 7-8 January 1971. The 4th Convention of Polish Economists was held on 6-7 March 1981, with discussion on "Directions of reengineering the system of functioning of the Polish economy in the eighties". On the 100th -anniversary of the Congress dating back to the period of the Partitions of Poland, the 5th Congress of Polish Economists was organised in Cracow on 27-28 November 1987. At the Congress the position of PTE (Polish Economic Society) on "Poland’s economy - development challenges of the end of the 20th century" was approved. In 1993 at the 6th PTE Convention in cooperation with the Polish Federation of Engineering Associations - NOT, Accountants Association in Poland, Association of Polish Lawyers and Scientific Society for Organization and Management a discussion on the basic question in this period was held: "How to boost the Polish economy?" Debating on 25 and 26 January 2001 the 7th Congress of Polish Economists took up equally difficult problems of challenges of the 21st century on the subject of "Economy in the epoch of the information civilization ".

The history of PTE congresses indicates that they were held every few years, in different social-economic as well as political conditions, hence their central themes were a kind of signum temporis.

The present 8th Congress of Polish Economists, organised by PTE, has been prepared by a wide team of the community representatives composed of Polish economists not only associated in PTE. It is meant as a forum of all economists, irrespective of their membership in the Society. This congress provides a rare opportunity for an exchange of views between practitioners and theoreticians, between economists representing all sorts centres and theoretical currents in economics, with representatives of related sciences and the like.

The aim of the Congress is to identify opportunities and threats for making the social-economic development of Poland more dynamic and perspectives of such a development in the international scale.

The format of the Congress is wide, in order to enable the widest group of participants to take part in it, including Polish economists staying permanently abroad on one hand, and to create the opportunity of presenting views and discussions on vital problems for the condition and perspectives of development of economics in Poland on the other.

The congress in such a presentation is treated as a kind of the synthesis of the participation of Polish economists in solving important problems of the practice of the economic life.
Conferences and seminars as well as seminars "Thursdays at Economists’" are an important part of pre-Congress discussions.

The wide format of the Congress makes it necessary to channel discussions. Commissioned papers leading for individual thematic blocs will serve this aim.

The structure presented below and the list of thematic blocks are a result of the discussion which was held at the forum of the PTE Scientific Council and the Programme Council of the Congress.

As part of the 8th Congress the following thematic blocks have been planned:

  1. Economic studies in view of challenges of the contemporary social-economic development.
  2. Economic policy versus aims and conditioning of the economic development of the country following the accession to the European Union.
  3. Quality of economic education.
  4. Opened discussion forum - "Entrepreneurs about reasons and barriers to the growth of the Polish economy".

The discussion forum: "Entrepreneurs about reasons and barriers to the growth of the Polish economy" was meant as confrontation of the theory and the economic practice, as well as the forum of an exchange of views between practitioners representing different sectors of the economy and local and regional self-government bodies.

A plenary session opening the Congress will precede discussions in thematic blocks which will concern fundamental problems of the transformation and the convergence of the Polish economy.

All additional, updating information concerning the Congress will be put on the PTE Web page.

How congressional materials will be disseminated

The wide format of the Congress makes the organizers accept submitted papers in an open way according to adopted rules. Papers will be liable to a review, in addition only original texts neither published nor delivered earlier anywhere will be accepted.

Summaries of the submitted papers together with biographical notes of authors will be made available to participants of the Congress in the printed form. However, the submitted papers will be available before the Congress on CD records. During the deliberations of the Congress authors of the submitted papers will have an opportunity to deliver them.

Achievements of the Congress will be published in the form of reviewed books, in which texts of papers accepted by reviewers and the key topics of congressional discussions will be included.

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